Men's socks only have black, white and gray?


1. Socks are the soul of Sneaker! Usually buy a pair of […]

1. Socks are the soul of Sneaker!
Usually buy a pair of shoes for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and don't let the socks drag your legs. Socks are not worn well, and no matter how good the shoes are, it will not be saved.



2. Socks are an important factor that highlights the details and taste of boys!
When you sit down, walk or exercise, your socks will be exposed. You can judge whether a boy is clean by the cleanliness of the socks.


3. Socks are the most cost-effective among all clothing items, none of them!
There are many styles of socks that are not expensive, and there are many collocations that can be played. It’s better to buy a few better socks for a piece of clothing!



Socks color matching skills
1.Black and white gray socks all-match black and white gray shoes.



2.White is the most versatile, Followed by black, So there must be black and white.


3.If the color of the socks is not black, white and gray, it needs to match the color of the clothes.


4.In addition to black, white and gray, shoes and socks are generally not recommended to be the same color.



5.Footwear and socks are all dark, People will look taller.


Socks style tips
1.Canvas shoes are often matched with invisible socks, boat socks.


2.Leather shoes are often matched with solid color socks. Casual style can

also be matched with snowflake socks,Yuppie socks and retro ethnic socks.


3.Sports shoes are often matched with invisible socks, ordinary socks. Of course there are professional sports socks.


4.Loafers suggest to wear invisible socks inside.