360° personality print

360° digital printing process. The pattern is bright and vibrant, the plasticity is strong, the washability is not easy to fade, and you can customize your own pattern.

Anime characters

idol portraits

Couple Selfies

 friends photos

personal photos

pet photos

baby photos

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Custom process


Contact supplier

Consult custom items to determine the price.


Select the style

Determine the style, size, quantity, payment of the socks.


Determine the design draft

Provide pictures that need to be customized.


Production and delivery

Completed within the buyer's request time.

Customization instructions

About color

Coz the color difference mode used in factory printing and color generator is different, and affected by factors such as own quality, the actual printing effect may not be able to restore the computer's renderings 100%, which is a normal error range.

About refund

Customized socks will not be accepted for return once sold,coz it only belong to you.

About after sales

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,we will help you all time.