Haining Wanshida Hosiery Co.,Ltd, Established in 1994, covers a building area of more than 10,000 square meters and owns over 200 employees. As China Wholesale Panty Hose Women's Socks Manufacturers and OEM Panty Hose Women's Socks Factory, We have several decades of experiences in producing various socks and stocking. More than 100 computerized hosiery machine and more than 20 auxiliary equipment are imported to mainly produce all kinds of men's , women's and children's socks as well as pantyhose made of combed cotton, mercerized cotton, bamboo fiber, modal, organic cotton, wool yarn, superfine nylon. Annual production capacity reach over 15 million pairs of socks, our 60% wholesale Panty Hose Women's Socks are exported to overseas markets including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and so on.


Our production meets the high standards of recognised sock industry certificates.

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How does the sock's design cater to different activities (e.g., athletic, casual, formal)?


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What materials are most commonly used in women's socks, and what are their benefits and drawbacks?


Women's socks are made from a variety of materials, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most commonly used mat...

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Why are five-finger socks not popular now?


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Industry Introduction

Pantyhose, also known as tights or hose, are a type of close-fitting garment that covers the body from the waist to the feet and is typically worn by women. They are made of a stretchy, sheer fabric that fits snugly over the legs and is often worn under dresses, skirts, or skirts and skirts to create a smooth, finished look. Some pantyhose also have a control top or waistband that helps to shape and firm the waist and hips. Pantyhose can be worn for warmth, for fashion, or for both. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and denier (thickness) to suit different needs and preferences.
What are the characteristics of Panty Hose Women's Socks?
Pantyhose, also known as tights or hosiery, are a type of close-fitting, sheer, stretchy socks that are worn by women. They are typically made of nylon, spandex, or a blend of these materials, and they cover the feet and legs up to the waist. Pantyhose are often worn under skirts, skirts or skirts to provide warmth, smooth out the appearance of the legs, and/or provide a layer of protection for the skin. Some pantyhose are designed to have control top or shaping features to help slim and smooth the waist, hips, and thighs. Others may have reinforced toes or heels for added durability. Pantyhose are available in a range of colors and patterns, and they may have a matte or shiny finish.
To match pantyhose with socks, you can try the following steps:
Consider the occasion: If you are wearing pantyhose for a formal event, you may want to choose a pair of socks that is more formal, such as a pair made of a fine, dark-colored fabric. For a casual event, you may want to choose a more relaxed sock style.
Choose a color that complements your pantyhose: If your pantyhose is a solid color, choose socks in a coordinating color. If your pantyhose has a pattern, choose socks in a color that is found in the pattern.
Think about the length of your socks: If you are wearing pantyhose with shorter socks, be sure that the socks do not show above the top of the pantyhose. On the other hand, if you are wearing longer socks, you may want to make sure that they do not show below the bottom of the pantyhose.
Consider the overall look: When choosing socks to wear with pantyhose, be mindful of the overall look that you are trying to achieve. If you want a more polished, put-together look, choose socks that are free of holes or other visible wear. If you want a more casual, laid-back look, you may want to choose socks with a bit of personality, such as a fun pattern or bright color.