Beautiful boat socks in summer


The hot weather in summer will make the parents who sti […]

The hot weather in summer will make the parents who still wear stockings feel very uncomfortable, and how can the summer single shoes with thick socks look bad? Today, Xiaobian has brought you a few summer socks ~ boat socks. Wearing single shoes will not show, giving people the visual sense of barefoot, and can also absorb sweat on the feet, so as to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Lace boat socks

The exquisite lace fabric is good-looking and not easy to pilling. The shallow sock design fits the sole of the foot and it is not easy to show it when wearing shallow shoes. Even if it is exposed, it will only show a circle of lace, which can only be a bonus element, so don't be afraid. This lace boat socks is especially suitable for wearing flat shoes, goddess fanduha, very beautiful.

Good looking socks are also very important to a woman. Don't think they are worn in shoes, so you don't have to pay too much attention to them. Beautiful socks are so pleasing to the eyes. The soft lace reflects a woman's romantic amorous feelings, and the anti-skid effect is very good.

Cotton boat socks

The love embroidery on the foot is a good reflection of your girl's heart. It is fresh and sweet. The material of pure cotton is breathable and close to the skin, and the upper foot is very comfortable. The simple style is neat and clean. The square mouth of socks is very cute visually. It is not suitable to wear shoes with shallow mouth. It is really suitable to wear lace up canvas shoes or sports shoes.

The heel of this pure cotton boat sock is well treated. The socks are close to the heel and are not easy to fall off, so you don't have to worry about losing the heel of the sock or taking off the socks when you take off the shoes. There are five pairs of socks in a group. The color can be selected by yourself. In fact, several different colors are good. Even if you don't wear shoes, you can also be beautiful.