Can wearing socks to sleep help you sleep?

Summary:Some people say that wearing socks to bed can improve cold hands and feet and help sleep. But some people say that weari...

Some people say that wearing socks to bed can improve cold hands and feet and help sleep. But some people say that wearing socks to sleep will affect blood circulation, which will affect your health. Which statement is correct?

In the outpatient clinic, there are indeed patients who say that they often have cold hands and feet, wear socks to bed at night, and even wear socks and trousers to sleep at night in summer. Is it good to sleep with socks on? We have to look at everything in two, and for different people, there may be different effects.

Wearing socks to sleep can indeed help keep warm and sleep for people who have cold hands and feet, lack of yang energy, and can't sleep because of cold feet. Even if these people soak their feet in hot water before going to bed, their feet will get cold again after sleeping in the quilt. It can also improve peripheral blood circulation and promote sleep. Sleeping with socks on is helpful at this time.
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If you are older, have lower limbs and feet edema, and have insensitive nerve perception, you should wear socks to sleep. If the socks are tight, it may affect blood circulation, but it will have the opposite effect and will not help you sleep.

For a perceptually normal person, if they wear socks to sleep, generally such people are people with cold feet and fear of cold. They will wear socks to sleep if they are comfortable to sleep in. If they are uncomfortable, they will not wear socks to sleep. . You can also judge from your own feelings whether wearing socks to bed will help you sleep. Another part of the people, their feet are hot every night, it is absolutely impossible for them to wear socks to sleep, and they can only fall asleep with their feet exposed. This behavior is also a manifestation of human self-regulation.

If some people always have cold feet when they sleep at night, some people can improve this state by wearing socks, and some people can't work even if they put on socks, and their feet are still cold, indicating that the former lacks yang energy, but The effect of keeping warm from the outside can be improved, and the latter, yang deficiency is further, and the problem cannot be solved by simple methods. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the spleen and kidney through physical therapy or internal medicine to stimulate the yang qi of the spleen and kidney of the human body. Make the yang qi run through the whole body to achieve the effect of warming the whole body, and the cold feet will naturally improve.