Don't bare your legs in winter, wear pair of socks for a fashionable upupup!


In the past winter, the most common way to walk on the […]

In the past winter, the most common way to walk on the street is to expose the ankle. Is it a lot less in the past two years? Barefoot is no longer a fashion, fashion people have long been wearing good socks! What socks do girls wear in winter? Let's have a look!

Girls who wear long skirts and no pants can wear pantyhose, and wearing Capri pants to reveal a part of socks is very fashionable.

Pantyhose is a must-have sock for every girl in winter, especially black tights. There are many choices in terms of thickness. They are thin, comfortable and versatile. They can be easily held up with sweaters or overcoats.

Just above the knee socks and knee exposed socks are also good choices, but also can pretend to wear boots. Medium hose is more suitable for matching with skirt, which has a sense of playful academic style.

Usually will use socks actually exposed just fashion! Simple warmth, but also can become a pair of fashion matching sharp weapon, sometimes if the whole body collocation is too dull, you can wear a pair of socks with bright colors to make the finishing point.

What socks do you wear in winter?

Fishing net socks are fashionable items in the past two years. As early as the 1960s, fishing net socks were very popular, and the fashion cycle brought it to the present. Fishing net socks with holes in jeans wearing method we have seen no wonder, Capri pants with fishing stockings, ankle fishing net small area can better reflect your matching skills oh.

With the strengthening of health awareness, more and more girls no longer show their ankles in winter. Although it is good-looking to show ankle in winter, it has a great impact on the body. So like to wear Capris girls, might as well wear thick cotton socks to match, can show high and can protect your ankle.

Capri pants with colored socks is easy to attract attention, small bright color embellishment becomes the finishing touch, both personality, but also with a retro tone.

There are also many printed or lettered socks to match with Capris, which are very fashionable. As the highlight of the whole body shape, it is both recognizable and fashionable.