Explanation of cotton socks


Explanation of cotton socks 100% cotton There is no pur […]

Explanation of cotton socks
100% cotton
There is no pure cotton in socks originally, and the cotton content is 60% - 85%. Because socks should be elastic, and the elasticity of pure cotton is very poor, so it is impossible to make socks with pure cotton.
So we can only say that it's cotton socks, not pure cotton socks.
Extended data:
Pure cotton fabric: a textile made of cotton and interwoven by warp and weft yarns. At present, according to the actual processing of cotton source, it can be divided into primary cotton fabric and recycled cotton fabric.
There are two ways to tell if it is a pure cotton sock:
Kneading: there is obvious fold after kneading pure cotton. Fold the fabric in half and scrape it with fingernail. There is a clear fold line after unfolding, but there is no fold after kneading chemical fiber fabric.
Burning: the cotton fiber will not melt or shrink near the flame, and will burn immediately when contacting the fire. When burning, it will smell of burning paper. After burning, it will be fine and soft gray black and white flocculent ash without coking.