How to choose suitable silk stockings in winter


In the standard of silk stockings, it is divided into u […]

In the standard of silk stockings, it is divided into ultra-thin 3D to 12D, generally thin ones ranging from 12D to 39d, medium thickness 40d to 200D, thickened 300D to 2000D, and over 2200d belongs to super thick (double-layer thickening).

Generally speaking, ultra-thin is used in summer, medium thickness is used in spring and autumn, and thickened and warm velvet socks are used in winter, while silk stockings with thickness above 1600d are almost the same as autumn pants. In fact, it is not entirely correct to choose silk stockings in this way, because with the development of science and technology, the velvet stockings that used to be suitable for autumn and winter wear can now produce the thickness of silk stockings that are soft to 7d, and have a certain level of warmth, which is suitable for wearing in spring and autumn to resist the cold wind in spring and autumn. Japan's 60d velvet stockings are almost close to a pair of autumn trousers in terms of warmth retention, and moisture and air insulation are better than cotton wool trousers. They can be worn as pants in winter.

If there are Lycra material stockings, in fact, only 25d can be worn in winter instead of cotton wool trousers. This is why it is better to wear silk stockings than to wear autumn trousers. If 1600d stockings are compared to the thickness of autumn pants, 25d Lycra stockings or 60d velvet stockings with the same warmth retention and superior moisture and wind insulation effect are much thinner than those of autumn pants! And it's more comfortable and light than autumn pants.

Many women always think that silk stockings are not warm enough. When they see others wearing silk stockings in winter, they envy and admire their courage of fearing the cold. It is undeniable that many girls will prefer to dress up in the cold, but in fact, there are more women who don't feel very cold because they wear warm stockings. Therefore, we must understand the quality of silk stockings. Different silk stockings have different effects on heat preservation, air permeability, moisture prevention and wind separation.