How to match boys' socks


How do boys’ socks look good? In fact, many boys don’t […]

How do boys’ socks look good? In fact, many boys don’t pay much attention to the color matching when they wear socks, but this little detail is actually a plus if you notice it. Then, boys need to match the color of shoes and socks. What do you pay attention to?

Black and white grey socks with black and white grey shoes

  The classic black, white and gray socks are the favorite of casual lazy people, but it does not mean that they have no relationship with fashion. Black, white and gray socks are matched with black and white and gray shoes. They are refreshing and calm. Nothing can go wrong with them. If the shoes and pants have a more sophisticated design, the black and white gray tones can show a sense of urban luxury. This is other Warm color socks cannot be replaced. Therefore, every boy should prepare a few pairs of black, white and gray socks, which can be worn for commuting and leisure.

The colors of socks and shoes echo

   A dress will contain a variety of items, and the colors of different items will echo, which will present a more seductive sense of fashion. The same goes for socks. For example, there are red stripes on the socks and a red sweater on the upper body, so that the upper and lower styles are more coordinated and visually refreshing.

Cool colors are neutralized by bright color socks

Boys wear cool colors in winter. Black or brown is easy to look dull, but if you wear bright colored socks, it can have a significant neutralizing effect. No matter how dull outfits are, they can also show a sense of fun. This is often It is also a unique masculine charm!

Several matching methods for boys to wear socks

   1. Echo collocation

  What is the echo match? The so-called echo match means that two matching items are coordinated in color or design. For example, pure white socks and white tops and t-shirts echo together. The overall match looks harmonious and natural, and more attractive

   In addition to the color of the socks themselves, the design elements on the socks can also be used to interact with other items. For example, the blue stripes on the socks echo the blue of the shirt. The two coordinated while enriching the overall shape and highlighting details.

2. Brighten up the match

   Brightening matching is better to understand. The so-called brightening refers to brightening the overall matching color to avoid too dull. If the colors of clothes, pants and shoes are darker, you can use bright-toned socks to brighten the match and break the dullness.

The color of the socks here does not need to be pure white, it can also be other color styles, such as a white style with a stripe design style or a red style, as long as the color of the socks is more than other single products. Brighter, the combination can also achieve the effect we want.

3. Rich match

Rich collocation is aimed at the problem of the elements contained in the overall collocation. If the elements contained in the overall collocation are too single to avoid looking too monotonous and boring, we can enrich the overall shape with socks with personality or richer designs. Make the match more attractive. For example, a pure white collocation is relatively simple, so socks can come in handy.

   Here we can choose more colorful styles of socks, or we can choose individual or fancy styles. As long as we can enrich the overall match and break the sense of singularity, you are the one who will match.

4. Show tide match

   Of course, in addition to the above matching methods, we want to look more fashionable and trendy, and we can also use socks to match.