How to match girls' socks more popular in summer


In summer, you can see the wearing and matching of summ […]

In summer, you can see the wearing and matching of summer clothes on the Internet, but it is very rare for girls to match socks. In fact, socks are one of the elements that we wear in fashion. So how can socks look popular in summer?

The first is the brand logo socks. This kind of socks is actually matched with a pair of shoes of the same brand. It seems that it is not very popular. However, there are two kinds of socks: long and short. If you are not afraid of the heat, you can choose the long one, and the hot Meimei can choose the shorter one. Does this match make your shoes look more monotonous?
The second type is printed socks with Chinese characters. These socks are very common now, but there are not many people wearing them. Because Chinese characters have become one of the popular elements. We can also see Chinese characters on T-shirts and socks. It looks very popular to have Chinese characters on socks. Is this kind of collocation very popular?

The third is to match with the same color. In fact, people can choose the same color clothes when they don't know how to match, and the socks are the same. The color of socks and sneakers is the same color. Walking on the street can attract the eyes. The two colors look like the house type echo. Is it a good match?
The fourth is color matching. In fact, what we call color matching is very good for clothes, shoes and socks. Like this, socks and shoes look very hierarchical after color matching, but note that when matching, the color should not exceed three, and more than three will be a bit fancy.