How to match men's pantyhose


In recent years, China's clothing market has emerged a […]

In recent years, China's clothing market has emerged a kind of trousers which is very popular and popular with boys, that is, before only women had pantyhose. Of course, the men's pantyhose is mainly sports style, and it's very masculine to wear. Of course, boys still need to pay attention to some collocation problems when wearing this kind of pantyhose, so that they can look good and fashionable.

First, sports shorts with pantyhose. For boys, when wearing this kind of pantyhose, they are usually in sports, and the styles they choose to match are also some sports shorts, which are more matching and fashionable.
For male friends who like to wear pantyhose, don't use that kind of casual and fashionable shorts with this kind of pantyhose. It will make men's temperament look very feminine. Male friends must pay attention to this.
Second, wear sports shoes. Since tights and tights are very attractive for men, they are still very attractive.
In the choice of shoes, I think some sports shoes are more suitable. After all, this kind of pantyhose itself is a sports model. With sports shoes, the style is more matching, and others will feel more comfortable when they see it. When we wear this kind of sports pantyhose, it is always impossible to match it with leather shoes.
Third, there are not too many restrictions on the collocation of tops, and most casual clothes can match this kind of sports pantyhose. Of course, for men, if you want to show masculinity, it's better to choose the kind of clothing with colder colors. At the same time, the design of clothing should be as simple as possible, not too flashy.