How to match pantyhose to look thin


How to match pantyhose to look good and show thin? For […]

How to match pantyhose to look good and show thin? For today's girls, of course, they should be very particular about clothing. Pantyhose is also one of the clothes they often wear. How to match good-looking pantyhose to show its fashion?

How to match pantyhose
1. Same color principle
Most of the time we wear pantyhose with the skirt, naturally the legs will show, so the matching of pantyhose and shoes is a very key part. The safest and most popular way is to match the same color. If you wear dark pantyhose, it's best to match dark shoes.
The most classic is Princess Kate, with countless black tights and black stilettos, elegant and intellectual.
If a pair of dark pantyhose with a pair of light shoes, especially bare boots, will form a split line at the ankle, the legs and feet will be separated, the legs will be very short visually. What we are trying to do is to build a pair of big long legs. Don't ruin it on the matching of pantyhose and shoes.

2. Match with over knee boots
Nude pantyhose, also known as bare leg artifact, is a perfect match for over knee boots.
I've seen a lot of people show their legs in cold weather. They look good, but the old Auntie really doesn't dare to wear them like this. She's afraid of getting cold.
At this time, bare leg artifact is the best choice. It's warm and beautiful. Why not.
3. Pair with Capris
Many people put away their pants in autumn and winter. Don't worry about it. As long as you have a pair of pantyhose, it can be worn all year round.
Pantyhose is not bulky, comfortable and warm moderate pantyhose can be a good substitute for autumn pants, wearing inside the Capris, showing ankles are not afraid. And this kind of collocation is less restricted by shoes, you can wear naked boots, you can also wear sports shoes, free play space is very large.
4. Pair with ripped jeans
Do you remember that Bai Jingting wore flesh colored autumn pants in his torn jeans on Weibo before, and pantyhose was the same. With the help of bare leg artifact, the perforated jeans can still be used in autumn and winter.

Thickness selection of pantyhose
If you think about it carefully, pantyhose can be regarded as a very practical piece. It can be worn from the fall of the first year to the spring of the second year, spanning three quarters. So a person will often have more than one pantyhose, wear different thickness in different weather.
The thickness of pantyhose is an important standard for warmth retention. Generally speaking, the thickness of pantyhose has two indicators: d number and weight. The number d represents the knitting density. Generally speaking, the larger the number d is, the better the warmth retention is.
·Wear it with boots to weaken publicity and sexy
Pantyhose with knee high boots can unify visually, weaken the publicity of boots, and make slender legs more attractive through material comparison.
·Match with boots to ensure continuity of color matching
Take black pantyhose as an example. If the boots don't wear black, it's better that the top and skirt are black. If the color of the top and skirt is different, the boots should be black. The purpose of doing this is to show thin.