How to match socks with fashion in winter


Winter socks how to match fashion? Socks wear well can […]

Winter socks how to match fashion? Socks wear well can be said to be the finishing touch, winter ankle exposure is very bad, so to wear both warm and good-looking socks, then what are the winter socks matching skills, what are the fashionable socks.

1. Sweat-absorbent terry socks

   I believe that many people will sweat sometimes even if it is cold in winter. The choice of this solid color is a simple and generous temperament display. When you go out every day, choose a color you like, or a color that can match your clothes, and the fashion on your feet can be easily done. The sweat-absorbent terry design allows you to have no worries.

2. Playful little love tube socks
If pure color is the representative of simplicity and generosity, then this socks is embellished with a little love, and immediately used with a little playful sight, making a cute elf in winter is just the distance of a pair of socks. No matter what kind of shoes it matches, it can be easily mastered. If you like simplicity and personality, you can't miss this design.

3. College style pile socks
Socks can be different from each other. The fashion of this stacked socks must be in winter, and it is loved by many fairies. It breaks the conventional design and adds the element of stripes at the top of the socks. It is very academic. A pair of socks can bring you back to the era of spring. Whether you are in puberty, or you miss puberty, it applies.

4. Sweet love boat socks
In fact, in addition to the fashion of medium hose, the charm of boat socks is irresistible in winter. This kind of socks and socks with lace design can make your girl's heart burst. The design of love embellishment is very sweet. Wearing it, one day's good mood begins. A very daily socks, simple, is the way you like.

6. Coral stockings
This kind of coral velvet socks can make your girl's heart burst. The design of the long tube is a choice for the leg to feel warm. That clean color, is comfortable both visual expression, let this cold winter, also have a trace of playful breath. This kind of socks is especially suitable for girls who like stockings. They are sexy when they go out and cute when they are at home.

Winter socks matching skills
Shoes and socks matching technique: sports shoes + socks
This year, we are all good, back to the appearance of good students, classic small white shoes, plus a pair of bright socks, not only keep warm, but also can increase the focus of the foot!
Shoes and socks matching technique: coat + white shoes + socks
The same long coat, the same pair of jeans and the same pair of white shoes are just the matching of a pair of socks, and the moment of exposure becomes the highlight of the whole modeling!
Shoes and socks matching technique: wearing in contrast colors
When choosing the color of socks, if you are tired of the general black socks or white socks, look for a pair of colorful socks and match them with a contrast color, which is very conspicuous.
Shoes and socks matching technique: matching with shoes in the same color
Think the color socks are too high-profile? With the shoes of the same color socks collocation is the most not good choice, warm and stylish!
Matching technique of shoes and socks: Black Socks + white shoes
Black socks are the most practical, suitable for low-key girl friends, like this and white shoes can also shape the sense of hierarchy.
Shoes and socks matching technique: pleated skirt + socks + sneakers
Now that we've finished matching pants, let's take a look at the matching of sneakers and skirt socks. Pleated skirt + sneakers trick I believe you have learned, and to this year, you can add a pair of socks, you can add points for the image.
Shoes and socks matching technique: elegant skirt + black pantyhose + white shoes
Black pantyhose like this can also be matched with white shoes and long skirts, elegant and flexible but gentle.

How to do without socks in winter
The benefits of warm water washing feet: it is best to wash feet with warm water before going to bed, wipe the moisture of feet and then directly enter the quilt. Washing feet with warm water can adjust Qi and blood, eliminate fatigue and relax tendons and activate blood circulation. For insomnia, joint pain, neurasthenia, lumbago or stomachache and other systemic diseases have a therapeutic and preventive role.
However, wash feet with warm water, water temperature should also pay attention to Oh. It is recommended to wash feet with hot water between 40 and 45 degrees. Moreover, the time of soaking feet should not be too long, generally 15-20 minutes is appropriate. After washing feet, dry the water, massage the feet for three to five minutes, more soothing effect.

Do you sleep in socks in winter
Although everyone's opinions are different, the truth is: it's not good to sleep in winter with socks! As mentioned above, when it's cold, we have been wearing socks for a day in the daytime, and if we go out, we still wear boots. As a result, our feet will feel oppressive and can't breathe. If you still wear socks when you go to bed at night, your feet are not ventilated all day.
If this is the case for a long time, it is not very good for foot health ~ and if you are sleeping in socks and feel sweating on your feet, you'd better take off your socks.