How to match stockings in winter


How to wear stockings in winter? I used to think stocki […]

How to wear stockings in winter? I used to think stockings were not good-looking. No matter how cold it was, I would not wear stockings. Now at a certain age, winter began to pay attention to health and warmth, ha ha. In fact, stockings are very good-looking, as long as we match well, it's really good-looking. Here are my favorite autumn and winter stockings.

Socks + skirt
In autumn and winter, many people wear dull clothes. Black dots are more playful. Small shoes can expose their ankles. It's too cold. It's a good choice to wear black stockings.

Sweater + jeans + casual shoes
Loose clothes give people a lazy feeling, very comfortable feeling, with a pair of lazy shoes, comfortable and style.
Solid top + long pants
If you really don't like to show your socks and want to keep warm, then this kind of long mop pants is very suitable for you.
Small suit + Leisure Group + socks of the same color
In order not to let our socks stand out too much, when we choose socks, we try to choose the same color system as our shirts or skirt pants.
Pile of socks: pair with leggings. Colorful stockings bring a touch of light to the heavy winter
You can pile up your shoes and trousers to keep warm
Stockings: with wide leg pants, play a certain role in keeping warm
Stockings: with skirt, both warm and easy to clean
Socks in the tube: with sports shoes, durable stripes with a pair of small white shoes can be comfortable to wear
Medium Socks: with high top boots
I hope everyone can be warm and beautiful in this winter.