How to match the colors of boys' socks


Black, white and gray socks with black, white and gray […]

Black, white and gray socks with black, white and gray shoes
Classic black, white and gray socks are the favorite of casual lazy people, but it doesn't mean that they are out of fashion. Black, white and gray socks paired with black, white and gray shoes are fresh and neat, calm and atmospheric, and you can’t go wrong no matter how you wear them. If shoes and pants have a more sophisticated design, the black, white and gray tones can show a sense of urban luxury. This is other Warm color socks cannot be replaced. Therefore, every boy should prepare a few pairs of black, white and gray socks, which can be worn for commuting and leisure.

Color echoes of socks and shoes
A dress will contain a variety of single products, and the color echoes between different single products will present a more seductive sense of fashion. The same goes for socks. For example, there are red stripes on the socks and a red sweater on the upper body, so that the upper and lower styles are more coordinated and visually refreshing.
Cool-colored dresses are neutralized by bright-colored socks
Boys wear cold colors in winter. Black or brown is easy to look dull, but if you wear bright colored socks, it can play a significant neutralizing effect. No matter how dull the outfit is, it can also show a sense of interest and reveal The taste of "Meng Sao" is often also a unique male charm!
Have you remembered the matching rules of these three boys' socks?