How to produce socks?

Summary:1. Knitting: the process of raw materials being woven into sock embryo by machine, quality impact: A, machine type; B, n...

1. Knitting: the process of raw materials being woven into sock embryo by machine, quality impact: A, machine type; B, needle number; C, needle size; D, matching of material and machine type

2. Sewing head: the process of sewing the top of socks: parting sewing (manual sewing), machine sewing (automatic sewing), computer automatic sewing head, bone binding, quality influencing factors; sewing head mode, quality and color of sewing head thread, operation level of workers.

3. Sew head: fold the part of the sock head back, sew it into the sock tube, hide the sock head joint, similar to the binding of the sock foot. Influencing factors: A. material and quality of roller head line; B. operation level of workers.

4. Dye: dye the socks with the required color. Factors affecting the quality: A, dye B, dyeing time, temperature C, yarn material D, socks oil stain.

5. Shaping: fix the shape of the embryo socks according to the foot shape and temperature and pressure. Quality influencing factors: A, temperature B, pressure C, sock embryo material D, shaped sock board.

6. Packaging: add the sock embryo to the outer packaging, and the influencing factors are: a. the technical level of the workers; B. the packaging tools and materials, such as: labeling machine, gun, OOP bag, etc.

Extended data:
Socks composition: socks belong to weft knitted fabric. The components to complete this task in hosiery machine mainly include: triangle, hosiery needle, Shengke piece, jacquard needle and thread shuttle. The specific functions are as follows:
The function of triangle: make the sock needle, Shengke tablet and jacquard needle move in a certain track.
Function of hosiery needle: under the control of triangle, the knitting needle moves radially, and completes the work by adding yarn, bending yarn, long loop, detaching loop, and withdrawing loop, so as to achieve the task of hosiery weaving.
Function of Sheng Ke Pian: under the control of eyebrow triangle, Sheng Ke Pian does latitudinal movement to prevent the buckle when the sock pin is out of loop.
Jacquard needle function: under the control of triangle and jacquard blade, the sock needle is controlled by itself to achieve the purpose of making pattern.
The function of thread shuttle: to make the hosiery needle weave yarn regularly.