How to store socks correctly


The socks at home are always messy. We should learn som […]

The socks at home are always messy. We should learn some storage and folding methods to tidy up the socks, which will look much tidier. Let's talk about the storage and folding of socks, so that we can easily fold the socks.

1. Fold the two socks in pairs, fold the top of the socks into the top, so that the socks are folded.
2. Put two socks together and fold them in half to complete the folding.
3. Place the back heel of the sock upward. Fold the heel of the sock flat and parallel to the toe. Overlap the two socks. Fold the socks from the toe to the middle. Insert the toe of the sock into the mouth of the sock. The sock will be folded.
4. Put one sock inside out, and put the inside out sock on the bottom. Roll the sock from the top to the top of the sock gradually in the form of a reel. Turn the bottom of the sock over and put it on the sock directly. In this way, the socks will be folded.
5. Place the sock in a crisscross position, and fold the tip of the sock to the top of the sock. Fold the other sock in the same way as the previous one. Then insert the tip of the sock into the sock barrel, so that the sock is folded.
There are more sock storage and stacking methods. There are five common stacking methods above, which are very practical.