In summer, socks can make your everyday look more fashionable


Recently, the temperature is rising slowly. I believe t […]

Recently, the temperature is rising slowly. I believe that many girls take out their daily summer items in their closets to match them. Because of the high temperature in summer, there are not many items that can be selected, and it's just the way to come and go. So if you want to make more eye-catching in daily modeling, you can only start with the details.

Today to introduce the details of the bonus point piece is socks! Although socks don't seem to be brilliant, they can not only protect the feet from blistering, but also enrich the shape and increase the sense of fashion. The following simply recommended a few socks, let's have a look and don't fit your style!

Plain color and simplicity
Like a few simple, do not need too complicated girl, can choose plain color socks to match. In fact, white is the most versatile and easy to use. With a pair of small white shoes, it looks young and energetic.

It is suggested that the socks of other plain colors should be in the same color with other matching clothing items, so that they will not appear too abrupt and can maintain a sense of unity, as shown in the figure below, which is good-looking and fashionable.

As a hot element in summer, stripes can also be applied to socks! Pair it with jeans and plain t for a great street look.

Like to be feminine, some can be matched with skirt.

In addition to the two tone stripes, colorful stripes will appear more fashionable.

Playful print
The distinctive printing pattern is eye-catching and different in different patterns. Lovely patterns can not only make the shape a bright spot, but also inject vitality into the collocation, making the whole person cute and cute.

Girl Bubble socks
If you like to look sweet, you can add bubble socks to the shape. The classic stack design makes you feel full of girls, and you will be a few years younger when you put it on!