Custom socks maintenance and proper cleaning

Summary:Socks are small items, but everyone wears them. Some people don't like to wipe their socks, and they throw them away at ...
Socks are small items, but everyone wears them. Some people don't like to wipe their socks, and they throw them away at one time.
Once people walk, their feet will sweat, especially in summer. Many people don't like to wear sandals, so when wearing other shoes, you can't avoid wearing socks, and you will inevitably sweat. Teach you some correct ways to wash socks, so that you don't have to worry about washing socks.
1. Make sure that there is no broken leather in the shoes that may cause the socks to hang. It is best to put a cotton pad in the shoes just in case. The cotton pads are also moisture and odor resistant.

2. When washing socks after putting on socks, pay attention to wash them separately. One is to prevent other clothes from being scratched by zippers and other pendants, and the other is to prevent the infection of bacteria on the feet to other clothes, especially underwear.
3. Ordinary cotton socks should be washed and changed frequently. When replacing, it should be soaked in water for about 1 hour, then rubbed with soap, and washed with hot water, so that the dirt will fall off easily.
4. When washing wool socks, cut the neutral soap with less alkali into soap flakes, put them in hot water to melt, and then put the socks in after the water cools down, soak them for a period of time, and then gently scrub with your hands. For dirty toes and heels, you can rub some soap and wipe until clean. After rubbing the socks, rinse them with clean water, dry them gently, and put them in a ventilated place to dry or dry in the sun.
5. Some people's socks are so stinky that they can't be washed off with detergent. The smell can be completely removed if washed with vinegar. After washing socks with laundry detergent, soak them in vinegar for a period of time, which can not only deodorize but also sterilize.
6. No matter the quality of your socks is good or bad, soak them in a little salt water before wearing them, and then take them out to dry naturally, so that the fibers will become stronger and wear-resistant.
Pure stockings, rayon stockings, nylon stockings, etc. When washing, use soap to gently wipe, do not use excessive force, and dry socks in a cool place after washing, do not expose to the sun or dry.
When washing wool socks, the soap must first be melted in hot water. After the water cools, put the socks in and rub gently with your hands. Wipe the bottom of the socks a little more so that they can be washed clean. After washing the socks, rinse them with clean water, squeeze them lightly, hang them in a cool and ventilated place, or cover them with white cloth and dry them in the sun.

These methods not only effectively remove dirt from socks, but also prolong the life of socks.