Men's wear | How to use socks to create highlights

Summary:Are there any accessories that can change our overall styling style for less money?I think it’s SOCKS without a doubt. H...
Are there any accessories that can change our overall styling style for less money?
I think it’s SOCKS without a doubt. How to use socks to add the highlights of the winter look?

Everyone knows to "correspond"
For people who don't like too many colors, color continuation is a very safe and effective color matching method (mainly refers to the same color of shoes and upper body clothes).
Socks are a good substitute. Don't worry about not buying socks of the same color as your upper body. The point is that socks are much cheaper than shoes.
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Use color to add “highlights”
Sometimes the color of the shoe is the most bright color in the whole outfit. Perhaps because the area is small enough, it rarely feels unsuitable.

Socks with a smaller area and a similar location are even more okay. So there is no problem with strong contrasting colors or similar colors.
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Adjust the sense of season
In the cold season, a warm coat may be a bit expensive, but thick socks can make you spend the least amount of money to show the sense of the season
Try to choose thicker, warm-colored socks, so that both warmth and fashion can be balanced.
Combed cotton color point yarn cuff horizontal strip hand-stitched cotton men's socks

Add liveliness to the formal look
Choose a patterned or colorful patterned crew socks to match the formal wear. No matter how exaggerated the color or pattern will not deviate from the sense of gentleman, it can make people look full of vitality.

Colorful fancy socks are the most suitable choice for lively gentlemen.