Popular Science | Is it good to sleep with socks on?

Summary:Weather getting colder recently! Sometimes when I wake up and find my feet cold, I can't help but sigh: Why is it so col...
Weather getting colder recently!
Sometimes when I wake up and find my feet cold, I can't help but sigh: Why is it so cold !
Some people say: silly! What is the invention of hot water bottle and electric blanket
But: the hot water bottle only lasts for a few hours, and the electric blanket is too dry, Isn’t it enough to wear socks to sleep?
But is it okay to sleep in socks?
This question may have different conclusions for different people.
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For people who have cold hands and feet and can't sleep because of cold feet:
Wearing socks to sleep can indeed play a role in keeping warm and aiding sleep. Even if these people use hot water to soak their feet before going to bed, their feet will become cold soon after they fall asleep in bed. They often cannot sleep due to cold feet. Socks can keep warm, keep the temperature of the feet in a comfortable state, and promote sleep.

For most people, it’s better not to wear socks to sleep:
1. Wearing socks to sleep is not conducive to the blood circulation of the feet and skin metabolism, and it will affect the night breathing of the feet.

2. Wearing socks while sleeping is also a major cause of athlete's foot. If people have athlete's foot in their feet, they should not wear socks.

3. Wearing socks to sleep will restrain our feet, which is not conducive to the movement and stretching of the feet, and sleeping is not that comfortable.

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If you need to wear socks to sleep, what kind of socks is better?
Recommend cotton material, cotton moisture wicking, good air permeability, socks cuff should be loose, and need wash and dry frequently.

Finally, let's talk about what should we do if our hands and feet are cold?
We can effectively alleviate the problem of cold hands and feet by enhancing physical exercise and soothing emotions. People who regularly exercise and run have a warmer body. This is the reason.

If you really don't want to exercise, then more soak your feet!