The advantages of socks of different materials

Summary:Cotton: Is pure cotton 100% cotton? Experts tell us the answer is no, meaning there are no socks that are 100% cotton. I...

Cotton: Is pure cotton 100% cotton? Experts tell us the answer is no, meaning there are no socks that are 100% cotton. If the composition of a pair of socks is 100% cotton, then it is not a pair of socks, but a ball of cotton! ! 100% cotton socks are extremely shrunken and very weak. Therefore, in one sentence, 100% cotton socks are not called cotton socks, but cotton.
Usually socks with a cotton content of more than 75% can be pure cotton socks. Generally, socks with a cotton content of 85% are very high-end cotton socks.

Mercerized: Mercerized cotton refers to cotton fibers that have been mercerized in a concentrated alkali solution. This cotton fiber has better gloss, shiny, and less wrinkle than ordinary cotton fibers. The material of mercerized cotton is often seen in thin socks in summer.
Spandex: It is commonly known as elastic fiber. It has high elasticity and strong stretchability. Its stretched length can reach 5-7 times that of the original fiber. Textile products added with spandex can maintain the original outline. If the sock contains spandex, it can make the sock elastic and retractable, and it is easier to wear, so that the sock can be more close to the foot, and like a swimsuit, it can tightly wrap the foot without slipping off.
Lycra: It is a unique man-made elastic fiber invented and produced by DuPont in 1958, with extraordinary stretch and recovery properties. Lycra is different from traditional elastic fibers in that it can stretch up to 500% and can return to its original shape. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk and cotton, to increase the fabric's close-fitting, stretchy, and natural-looking properties for flexibility when moving. And Lycra is different from most spandex yarns, it has a special chemical structure, and it will not grow mold in a humid and heat-sealed space after wet water.
Nylon: It is the name of a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics. People are more familiar with its other name, nylon. The scientific name of nylon is polyamide fiber, and it is the Jinzhou Chemical Fiber Factory that synthesizes this fiber in China, so it is named nylon. It is the most wear-resistant and strongest of synthetic fibers. And the weight is very light and the elasticity is good. Adding nylon to the socks can maintain high-strength elasticity.