The core issues that must be mastered in socks customization

Summary: The control of the quality of custom socks  is a headache for all enterprises, and quality control is a difficult probl...
The control of the quality of custom socks  is a headache for all enterprises, and quality control is a difficult problem, which is the competitiveness of an enterprise. Today we summarize several core issues of custom quality control for sock processing.
       1. Don’t just clarify the process, and don’t change the clear process casually
If there is a quality problem in socks processing, it is necessary to find the root cause, important factor or important performance of the problem;
Before we understand the problem, changing the process at random actually conceals the real cause and problem.
2. Process control must have a strong concept of quantification and traceability
The quality of socks processing and customization depends on many factors, do not neglect any details;
Any details should be controlled and recorded with data as much as possible;
Failure to implement control and traceability of process details will mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive methods.

3. Be patient when dealing with problems
I can't be impatient, I hope to eat a fat man in one go;
Don't be indifferent to find out the abnormal situation because it has nothing to do with the problem;
When you can't find the cause and rules, don't take action, you can control and regulate the influencing factors of research;
Review and review some of the experiences and rules from previous tests and summaries;
Once you find out some experience and rules, and then go deeper and turn it into a theory, even if it costs a little more;
4. Create a preventive mindset
The high level of quality control of socks processing customization is prevention, not how to make up for it after a problem occurs. Before any quality problem occurs, there should be signs. It depends on whether you have the methods, means and experience to monitor and identify. The same quality problem repeats The second occurrence should be highly regarded
The process and effect data of each day should be integrated with tools, and rules and trends should be found from the integrated effect. These rules and displayed trends need to be constantly revised. Before socks are processed, each control factor should be as much as possible. Consistency is high.