Keep warm in winter, take care of your feet


The weather is cold in winter, keeping the baby warm is […]

The weather is cold in winter, keeping the baby warm is an important issue for every parent. Remind all parents, to keep your baby warm in winter, take care of your feet.

   Baby's feet are cold and easy to catch a cold

   People's feet are far away from the heart, and blood circulation is relatively poor. Children's feet have delicate skin and little activity. In addition, the development of body temperature regulation in infants and young children is not perfect. Therefore, children's feet are very easy to catch cold.

   There is a close neurohumoral connection between human feet and upper respiratory tract mucosa. If the baby’s feet are cold, local blood vessels constrict and blood flow is reduced, it will reflexively cause the capillaries in the upper respiratory tract mucosa to constrict, resulting in a decrease in local resistance. The bacteria and viruses originally lurking in the nasopharynx will take the opportunity Breeding, it is easy for babies to catch colds and other diseases.

   Therefore, parents must keep their babies warm, especially in the cold winter.

  Winter baby needs to wear pair of shoes and socks to keep warm feet

  The key to keeping your feet warm is to wear good shoes and socks. What problems should be paid attention to when putting on shoes and socks for babies in winter?

1. The thicker the socks, the better

   In the cold winter, parents should choose loose, warm cotton socks for their children. However, some parents mistakenly believe that the thicker the baby’s socks, the better the warmth, but if the baby’s socks are thick but do not absorb sweat, they will easily get wet, and a large amount of moisture will squeeze out the air in the socks fibers. This is excellent because of the lack of air. When the socks are wet, they will make the baby’s feet cool, reflexively causing the respiratory resistance to drop and catch a cold.

   Therefore, when choosing socks for your baby, you should choose pure cotton texture and good air permeability. If the baby loves to move, the feet are prone to sweating, and it is easy to get frostbite when sweating. Therefore, parents are recommended to change the baby's socks or shoes several times a day. If it is not enough to change shoes several times, change the insoles.

  2, baby shoes must fit your feet

   In winter, choosing shoes for babies to keep warm is also particular. If the shoes are too large, the baby will not follow the foot when walking, and the heat on the feet will easily dissipate quickly; on the contrary, the shoes are too small and squeeze tightly with the socks, which affects the storage of still air in the shoes and cannot keep warm. So be sure to choose shoes that fit your baby. The size of the shoes should be slightly looser, and the texture should be breathable and sweat-absorbing cotton.

Foot massage can also keep your baby's feet warm

   In addition to putting on shoes and socks for your baby, warm water feet and massage can also keep your baby's feet warm.

  1, soak your feet in warm water

   Insist on soaking the baby's feet in warm water every night before going to bed, which can expand the capillaries on the skin surface of the feet, accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrition of the skin and tissues of the feet, increase local resistance, promote the baby's sleep, and help its growth and development. However, parents should pay attention to that the water temperature for the baby's feet should not be too high, and it is best to control the water temperature between 45-50 ℃, because the water temperature is too high, it is easy to loosen the ligaments of the soles, which is not conducive to the formation of the baby's arch And maintain, it is easy to form flat feet.

  2, foot massage

  Through gentle foot massage, it can effectively promote blood circulation, and the baby will no longer "frozen hands and feet" in winter. Since the baby’s fascia is quite tender, in order to prevent the baby from being injured, the massage force should be gentle. Try to massage with fingertips or in circular motions.

   It is very important to keep your baby's feet warm in winter, and the baby should wear shoes and socks even at home.