Overall manufacturing process of socks


1. Sock Design -- color proofing of raw materials -- or […]

1. Sock Design -- color proofing of raw materials -- ordering raw materials -- sock proofing -- Determination of Technology
2. Production of sock body - off machine inspection - sewing head and taping - setting and ironing - finishing and packaging
(2) Specific weaving process of socks:
1. According to different countries, regions, seasons, occasions, occupations and prices, socks for men, women and children are divided.
2. Choose different main and auxiliary materials and jacquard materials according to the sock manufacturers.
3. According to the needs of customers, make sample socks and pre production samples respectively.
4. According to the sample socks selected by customers, sock manufacturers choose a large number of raw and auxiliary materials and jacquard materials.
5. According to the sample socks selected by the customer and the engineering and technical personnel of the sock manufacturer, formulate a scientific and reasonable sock weaving process.
6. The sock manufacturer enters the sock weaving process (upper hosiery machine processing) according to the weaving process.
7. After the socks are removed from the machine, they will be inspected, and the qualified products will be transferred to the next manufacturing process of socks joint.
8. According to the weaving process, the socks that pass the inspection of the lower machine will enter the sock sewing process (including the eye sewing head (also called hand sewing), the disc sewing head (also called blind sewing) or the computer mechanical sewing head (also called straight sewing).
9. The socks with sewn head shall be inspected comprehensively once again.
10. The sock passing the seam head inspection flows into the shaping process.
11. The finished socks (which must be dried naturally for 48 hours) can be put into the matching process of socks inspection.
12. Match the socks and pack them into the semi-finished product warehouse according to the product number and color.
13. The sorting section (packaging workshop) enters the packaging process according to the needs of customers.
14. The packed finished socks shall be classified into boxes according to the needs of customers and put into the finished product warehouse.

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