Popular Science: People who are afraid of cold in winter may not wear the right socks


It is always cold in winter, and people will wear as th […]

It is always cold in winter, and people will wear as thick clothes as possible.
But even with thick clothes and pants, my feet are still cold
This is most likely because you are not wearing the right socks!

So how should we choose warm socks?
When it comes to heat preservation materials, we think of wool, rabbit hair, etc. The unique inner fiber air layer of fur is stable, which makes its warmth preservation effect far higher than other natural fibers that can be obtained in nature.

Thick socks will keep warm better than thin socks.Nowadays, there are many terry socks. The terry is made of cotton yarn into a loop, like a towel, to increase the area in contact with the skin, reduce the heat dissipation of the feet, and achieve the effect of keeping warm.

At present, there are heat-generating socks on the market, which are made of yarn blended with heat-generating materials, which can preserve the heat emitted by the feet, thereby achieving the effect of circulating warmth.
If you need to use external force to generate heat, then heating socks are a good choice.

Some people like to wear tight clothes, thinking that the air-conditioning will not come in, but too tight socks will affect the blood circulation of the feet and make the body feel not warm.
When choosing socks, don't choose socks that are similar to your feet.

The length of the socks is also important. Wearing invisible socks in the cold season is really too cold.
In autumn and winter, please choose stockings.

How to relieve cold feet?
1.Pay attention to keep warm, especially to keep the back, lower abdomen, legs and feet warm. This is effective for relieving cold feet.

2.Wear loose clothes and avoid wearing tights, so as not to aggravate cold hands and feet due to tight clothes that affect peripheral blood circulation.

3.Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed at night to improve local blood circulation and warm up your feet.

4.Strengthen sports, which can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, can make people full of vitality, and the whole body is warm and comfortable.