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Summary:Spun silk is the best among silks. Its characteristics are that it gives the fabric a gorgeous appearance, a charming lu...

Spun silk is the best among silks. Its characteristics are that it gives the fabric a gorgeous appearance, a charming luster like moonlight, and a soft, smooth and waxy feel, making the fabric noble and elegant. But silk fabrics wrinkle and fade easily. Silk and wool are natural protein fibers with good water absorption, warmth retention, softness, comfort, and health care effects on the skin.
Both spun silk and mulberry silk are real silk, but they are still different in silk quality:
Spun silk is made by re-spinning the scraps and waste silk left from reeling. There are many processes involved. The waste silk must first be broken into pieces and sorted, and then twisted into yarn like cotton yarn. This production process determines that spun silk fibers are destined to be short, more like some long-staple cotton fibers.
The processing process of spun silk is:
The inner cocoons, stale silk, and scrap silk left after the outer reeling are used as mixed raw materials. After the main processes of selection, refining, cotton making, spun yarn, coarse spinning, fine spinning, twisting, plying, and singeing, the silk is also called spun silk. Its characteristics are better gloss than cotton thread, worse than silk, uniform fineness, and good warmth and moisture absorption.
Mulberry silk generally refers to factory silk, that is, filament. Its processing and manufacturing process is:
The dried and stored silk cocoons are mixed, peeled, selected, boiled, reeled, re-shaken, sorted, inspected, graded, and batched according to the process design content and requirements. In other words, the first processing of silk cocoons is filament. Filament fibers are fine and soft, smooth, elastic, glossy, and hygroscopic. Because the original silk has a hierarchical structure, the light is reflected by multiple layers, and the reflected light interferes with each other to produce a beautiful and soft luster. This is unmatched by any fiber.

But just because spun silk is short fiber, it doesn't mean that spun silk is not as good as mulberry silk. Each has its own advantages. Both real silk and spun silk are very good silk products. There are expensive spun silk and cheap real silk.
Pure cotton fabric
It refers to cotton with a cotton content of more than 75%. In fact, the reason why pure cotton fabric is so popular is that we can really feel that it will be more comfortable than other fabrics after wearing it. Because cotton fiber is a natural plant fiber, its fabric will not irritate the human body. But we have also experienced the shortcomings of pure cotton. Clothes will obviously stretch after wearing for about 3 months, which will seriously affect the appearance of the clothes. If it is in rainy weather, the clothes will most likely grow mold.
The comfort of natural silk fabrics is closer to the skin, moisture absorption, and moisture conduction than pure cotton.
Tencel's moisture absorption performance is better than that of pure cotton. The moisture regain of pure cotton is 8%, while that of silk is about 12%, which is about half higher than that of pure cotton. At the same time, Tencel's breathability is also better than that of pure cotton. The breathability of pure cotton is between 200 and 500, while that of Tencel can reach 1500, which is 3 times that of pure cotton. Therefore, it is very comfortable to use in spring and summer.