Socks – one of the most vital accessories in ones wardr […]

Socks – one of the most vital accessories in ones wardrobe also depicts ones personality and style statement. A good pair completes your look & also protects your feet. Choosing the right pair can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Following tips may help you pick your favourite pair as choosing the right socks is as important as choosing the right shoes.

  1. Fabric - Each fabric has its own special form and function.Wearing a cotton/acrylic blend is ideal this season but wearing a 100% cotton socks is not a good idea because they tend to absorb the moisture which may lead to blisters.
  2. Size -Socks are typically measured in shoe size, wearing socks that are too big may lead to friction issues which may lead to painful spots and a small pair may be equally damaging. A perfect size will give you the ultimate comfort.
  3. Color - No matter whatever the pattern on your socks, make sure the bulk of the colours, especially the base colours are in contrast to your clothes.  The easiest way to match socks to your outfitis to choose a pair that’s only one tone or shade, removed from your pants in colour.
  4. Design - A textured weave or subtle pattern is a great way to make your socks more interesting.
  5. Types – There are numerous options in socks for your every day needs. Pick your favourite one for casual wear, formal wear, sports, running & travel wear.

So what are you waiting for?? Grab your pair and step out in comfort & style!