Summer is the best time to wear socks that show your ankles


Silk white bamboo leaf striped socks, beautiful pattern […]

Silk white bamboo leaf striped socks, beautiful patterns, thin white silk production, give the sole cool and soft feeling. The serrated crescent stripes on the ankle provide better expansion and give the ankle a relaxed feeling. Soothe the sole of the foot, prevent the shoe from rubbing the foot, but also protect the cleanness of the foot.

Many people think that the most unsuitable summer is black. Maybe it is the black heat absorption that brings them misunderstanding. In fact, black socks not only lengthen the feet, but also play a whitening foot vision. The combination of lace zigzag pattern and pattern gives people a feeling of colorful world, mysterious and attractive.

White and silver are not much different, but are loved by many women, although not durable or become the main color in summer. It is a little thicker than silver, and the patterns are a little more complicated, but the softness and comfort are basically the same, depending on the individual's preference.