The correct way to open summer socks

Summary:Summer dressing is all about coolness. Many girls attach great importance to coolness when matching and buying clothes. ...

Summer dressing is all about coolness. Many girls attach great importance to coolness when matching and buying clothes. They always feel that wearing socks is inappropriate. However, there are still many fashionable people in summer.
They love wearing all kinds of socks, and they add a sense of fashion by wearing socks, making their outfits more fashionable.

Next, let’s take a look at the correct way to open socks this summer. They look slim and make your legs look slimmer and longer. Small girls are also very suitable to try these combinations!

Find the most suitable socks for you according to your leg shape. According to length, socks are mainly divided into three types: one is short socks, the second is mid-calf socks, and the last is stockings that are above the knee.

If you are petite, you should choose short socks or mid-calf socks if you are under 160cm. If you are taller than 165cm, you can try stockings to stretch your legs and show off the advantages of long legs. And the length of socks is also related to the shape of our legs.
If your calf muscles are well developed and the calf circumference is relatively thick, it is best to avoid mid-calf socks that are just stuck in the middle of the calf. This length can easily expose the problem of thick legs. Either choose socks that are just around the ankle, or stockings that go above the knee.

Socks also play a very important role in clothing. In summer, we mainly wear bright colors and often go bare-legged. Socks can add layering to our outfits. Even wearing simple and plain clothes and adding a pair of bright socks can make you look glowing.

Today's popular socks are becoming more and more design-oriented. Solid-color socks and printed socks are all fashionable elements that can bring different styles. If you want to dress low-key and simple, you can buy classic solid color socks, black and white or other popular colors. If you want to show your personality and make your outfit more fashionable and western-style, you can also try some socks with printed elements. Adding various patterns you like can also improve your overall outfit and highlight your unique taste.
material of socks
I believe all old fans know the material of socks, the most common ones are cotton socks, as well as crystal silk, mulberry silk, and bamboo fiber. The former is moisture-wicking and the latter is cool, smooth and comfortable to wear. Different materials have different functions, and of course the price will be higher.

Combed cotton socks with mesh will keep you cooler, and the classic white style is more versatile. Of course, fashionable contrasting colors or jacquard designs can also match the color of your outfit. The transparent crystal silk can create an optical illusion, as if the pattern is printed on the skin, and the soles of the feet are made of combed cotton to absorb moisture and prevent foot odor. Mulberry silk is smooth and soft to the touch, and has the effect of caring for the skin and preventing dryness and cracking. Bamboo fiber is a naturally odor-resistant material that is soft and shiny.