Wearing winter socks like this makes you trendy


Recently, the weather has been greatly cooling down. Ma […]

Recently, the weather has been greatly cooling down. Many beauties who like to wear skirts have to wear pants and socks for a long time. Recently, socks are becoming more and more popular. People begin to like to wear socks outside. They don't receive them in their pants as before, hoping that people can't see them. So which shoes look good on exposed socks? Let's look down.

First of all, you should have a pair of pants that can be matched. In fact, this is equivalent to nonsense, because few people will buy pants because the socks match well. Most of us will choose socks according to the wishes of pants and shoes.
So, if you are jeans, roll up the bottom of your pants; if you are wide legged pants, it will be better (nine points or slightly tight); Leggings can also be used. You can match socks with meat color, but black can't match black (= white pair).

With the permission of pants, let's take a look at the opinions of shoes
If you like the trendy style of talent, try short boots (Martin boots, short boots, etc.) with socks; if you like the fresh style of Mori women, try small white shoes and brown retro shoes with socks; if you like sports or leisure style, try sports shoes and casual shoes with socks.

Well, now that everything is ready, we only need socks. Let's see which socks are suitable for what style.

First of all, striped socks. We have to say that striped socks are the most versatile socks, because they are not only suitable for casual style, but also suitable for leather shoes and Martin boots.

Secondly, pile up socks. We are not unfamiliar with stacking socks. Stacking socks is a real artifact, because you can wear them not only as socks, but also as stockings.
Pile socks are generally solid color, suitable for fresh style, such as small white shoes, leather shoes and so on, but if the shoes are very fashionable, you can also create a trendy style.

There are also socks with lace. If you think about lace, you will feel lovely socks. So of course, it is suitable for lovely and fresh style collocation. For example, if you wear a skirt, you can match lace socks on the basis of leggings.

Stockings, I think it is more difficult to control, because the requirements for leg shape are higher, straight legs are good-looking, and legs are also thin, otherwise it looks like a bit of meat is squeezed. Stockings are suitable for black leather shoes, especially bright leather shoes.

Finally, I would like to say that if you can find the most suitable socks for your shoes, it is the best, because it looks unique, others can not imitate the style, and feel that they are one, very coordinated!