What kind of socks go with old daddy shoes so fashionable and age-reducing


What socks should be used with old shoes? Old shoes are […]

What socks should be used with old shoes? Old shoes are retro-style shoes. This kind of shoes with thick soles and exaggerated designs has been very popular in recent years, and they look great for boys and girls, so we are wearing them. What socks should I wear with old daddy shoes?

What socks look good with daddy shoes

  1 old daddy shoes with knee socks

   Daddy shoes are very popular shoes in recent years. They are actually the traveling shoes that dads used to wear. They have a thick sole, so they can increase the height. If it is a girl with very thin legs, it is best to match it with over-knee socks, and the legs are more thin.

   2 old shoes with stockings

In autumn and winter, many girls like to expose their ankles, but now they are not popular anymore. Qiaolu socks are rather fashionable. Use old shoes with stockings, and then wear a pair of leggings or slim pants. The trouser legs are wrapped, warm and thin. Note that the color of the socks should be the same color as the pants and shoes.

  3 old shoes with socks

   In spring and summer, the weather is just right, so you can show your ankles at this time. Use cropped trousers with old shoes, and then pair with a pair of socks. This way of wearing is very suitable for small girls.

Daddy shoes matching suggestions

   First is trousers. When wearing trousers, you can choose some looser wide-leg pants or straight-leg trousers to match the old shoes. At this time, please note that the length of the pants should not be too long, otherwise it will look very cumbersome. When matching tops, you can choose looser sweaters or tighter clothes. When choosing tops, do not choose too long clothes. Choosing short ones will increase the proportion of the whole person. Make the whole person look taller.

Now is the era of bold mix and match of styles. When daddy shoes are matched with skirts, they can not only follow the fashion, but also achieve a balanced beauty. Why not? For skirts, we mainly recommend A-line skirts and elegant feelings. The playfulness of long skirts and A-line short skirts looks more lively and youthful, which can well weaken the sense of age of this kind of travel shoes. Moreover, the A-line skirt is more able to modify the figure, which can make the lower body look more slender and reduce some heaviness.