What kind of socks to keep warm in winter


Winter foot is the most vulnerable place to cold, want […]

Winter foot is the most vulnerable place to cold, want to keep warm the most important is to wear the right socks. So what socks do you wear to keep warm in winter? Wool is good at keeping out the cold, so wear wool socks to keep warm? What socks do you wear to keep warm in winter? Xiaobian tells you, socks or pure cotton is good!
What socks do you wear to keep warm in winter? Socks or pure cotton
We all know that wool is the most suitable for keeping out the cold. Woolen sweaters and quilts are indispensable for keeping warm at home in winter. Are socks and wool the best? The answer is No. although wool has good heat retention performance, its sweat absorption effect is not good. It is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also may cause blisters.
Feet like the dry and warm environment, so, warm and sweat absorbing cotton texture, has always been the best choice for socks. Especially combed cotton with longer fiber and less impurities has better thermal insulation than general cotton.
What socks do you wear to keep warm in winter? Preferred to cotton fiber based, plus the right amount of elastic fiber socks. Consider its use and wearing objects, such as comfortable and breathable in daily wear, soft and wear-resistant in sports; people with sweat feet should choose cotton socks that are both breathable and hygroscopic; those with dry feet should choose polyester socks and nylon socks with poor hygroscopicity; children's socks should try to choose socks with simple organizational structure, light color and smooth surface, and do not choose the socks with dotted lines exposed Face socks.
When selecting socks, attention should be paid to distinguish. The handle of artificial fiber will be relatively smooth, while the quality of cotton is relatively rough; when you open the socks to observe the surface, there are no small brown spots or less, which is combed cotton. In general, acrylic fiber will be added to cotton socks to increase the elasticity of socks. Socks with more cotton and less acrylic fiber will feel soft, hygroscopic and more comfortable to wear.
However, it is better to wear less cotton socks for those who are prone to heel cracking. Heel cracking indicates that the skin is very dry and in urgent need of external water and nutrition. At this time, wearing pure cotton socks will suck away the tight moisture inside the skin. People with cracked heels can wear nylon socks or a pair of pure cotton socks on the outside to prevent chapping.

How to choose baby socks?
There are many kinds of socks. It is suggested that mothers prepare two kinds of socks for their babies in autumn and winter.
First: cotton socks or wool socks. Generally, it is recommended to wear cotton socks for babies in the cool spring and autumn season. Mothers can check the material description of socks. Please identify socks with 100% or more pure cotton texture. Cotton socks are soft, breathable and sweat absorbing, which are very suitable for babies. In the cold winter, you can wear wool socks for your baby. Pay attention not to choose socks with acrylic material, which can contain a small amount of Lycra, but the main ingredients must also be cotton and wool. Some mothers wear tights for girls, especially high elastic acrylic socks, which is not conducive to the health of the baby.
The second kind: antiskid socks. General modern bedroom is smooth tile floor or wood floor, adults usually wear slippers at home, but the baby usually can not effectively "control" slippers, if only wear ordinary socks, it is easy to wrestle, so it is best to wear antiskid socks, that is, antiskid socks. At present, there are many kinds of antiskid socks on the market. The antiskid socks usually have soft glue on the soles, similar to "socks and shoes", which can better prevent the baby from wrestling. It should be noted that the antiskid socks are socks on the outside and can not be worn in the shoes. When wearing the antiskid socks, ordinary socks should also be worn inside.

Pay attention to some rules when buying socks
What kind of material socks are better to buy in winter? The answer must be pure cotton, but combed cotton is better in cotton. The material of socks made of this material is longer fiber in cotton, with less impurities and better warmth retention.
1. Socks should fit well. The top and tube of socks should be tight, the bottom should be loose, the heel should be big, the surface of socks should be smooth, the rib should be flat without skew, the needle pattern should be clear, and the pattern, sock head and heel should be free of exposed needles. When wearing, the feet are tight, itchy, obvious stretch marks and other discomfort, indicating that the socks are not suitable.
2. Pay attention to fiber density. Too loose had better not buy, extra fiber will aggravate friction, damage foot skin. A pair of socks with a few yuan on the street looks good, but in terms of fiber density, it is inevitable that they do not meet the standard.
3. Don't be too fancy. The color of socks should be consistent with the inside of shoes as far as possible to avoid dyeing with shoes. Socks should be preferred to light color, the more bright the color, the more chemical components added inside.
These three conditions indicate that socks have to be changed
It is said that the cold starts from the feet, and many people think that the best way to keep warm is to wear shoes and socks that wrap the feet tightly. In fact, shoes and socks are too tight, but it is easier to freeze feet. This is because wearing too tight shoes and socks will make the feet and legs feel "breathless", the blood circulation will slow down, and the heat can not reach the feet effectively. As a result, the risk of frostbite on the feet is also increased.

The most important thing to wear socks is to fit the foot. Socks of moderate size can just wrap the feet, neither too loose nor too tight, which can reduce the friction between shoes and feet. If the socks are too big or lose elasticity, they will reach the toe when walking. This will not only hinder the comfort of feet, but also increase the friction between feet and shoes, and increase the possibility of skin damage.
The second is warmth and ventilation. Shoes will become wet after wearing for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and fungi. Cotton and hemp socks are very breathable and can keep feet dry.
Socks wear every day, it is easy to wear and tear, if your socks appear in the following three situations, it shows that the elimination.
1. Loss of elasticity. If socks lose elasticity, they will increase friction with feet. If they are sweating, they will feel greasy and easy to get hurt.
2. I don't feel comfortable. If the feet on the socks are tight, itchy, and obvious strangulation marks, the socks are not suitable.
3. The heel is thin and has holes. Socks wear for a long time will inevitably become thin, will lead to heel injury or blistering.
When washing socks, do not rub them hard to prevent them from slipping out or breaking after strong friction; the temperature of washing socks should not exceed 40 ℃, otherwise, the socks will shrink after heating, the bottom of socks will become smaller, and even the socks will harden and deteriorate. In order to maintain the original luster of socks, it is best not to use soap containing too much alkali, as long as rub gently with hands, rinse with water, and dry in a cool and ventilated place.