What must be noticed when men wear socks


Socks are one of the most important details of a man's […]

Socks are one of the most important details of a man's overall dress. Besides matching the color and style of his own overall dress, the personal etiquette of wearing socks is also very important. Otherwise, it will leave a very bad impression.
(1) When you attend professional or other serious and important occasions, suits and shoes are essential. At this time, the color of your socks should be dark, monochrome, preferably black, and not too fashionable.
(2) Socks must be washed frequently, preferably every day to prevent odors!
(3) Although we will see many fashion weeks or when taking street pictures, some fashionable people will see two socks with different colors and patterns.But if you are not an experienced fashionable person, don't easily mix casual socks together, otherwise you will really get the effect!
One of the details of a man's taste and style is a great way to show a person's personality.
You know, many times a detail you don't pay attention to destroys the first impression you give others!If you want to be a fashionable man of taste, the details of your outfit must not be ignored!