What's the difference between sports socks and business socks


1. Black silk can enhance the three-dimensional sense a […]

1. Black silk can enhance the three-dimensional sense and highlight the curve of women's legs. The reason why stereoscopic films are more attractive than conventional films is because of stereoscopic sense. Stockings of other colors are not as three-dimensional as black silk.
2. Not every woman's leg is white and flawless, smooth and clear, but after wearing black silk, the flawed ones can't be seen.
3. Black clothes are easy to attract people's attention. So is white. But white has a sense of purity.
4, sunscreen
When you go out in summer, sunscreen is a concern for everyone. If you don't take protective measures, your face, arms and legs will be exposed to the sun easily, so many people need to apply sunscreen products (such as sunscreen, etc.) before you go out. However, sunscreen is a chemical product, more or less has a certain impact on the body. If you wear a pair of silk socks on your legs, you can greatly reduce the intensity of sunlight on your legs and play a protective role.
5. Black stockings can cover leg hair, scars and other defects more than flesh stockings, and also have shaping effect, which has both beauty and functionality.