What's the difference between stockings and boat stockings?


1. Different definitions.The stockings are very short s […]

1. Different definitions.The stockings are very short stockings with socks under the ankles.Socks are socks that are up to 5 cm long on the ankles and are worn to cover the entire ankle, mostly in cotton or nylon.
2.Shape is different.Hosiery, as the name implies, will look like a ship when worn, hence it is called "Hosiery".And stockings don't have the shape of a ship.

3.Length is not the same.Hosiery is short, so short that no socks are visible or only the edges are visible after wearing shoes, and is therefore also called "invisible socks".In contrast to stockings, stockings are longer than stockings and can reach the wrist position.

4. Different materials.There are many different styles of stockings, including lace stockings, cotton stockings, Korean stockings, invisible stockings, etc.Generally, stockings are silk.Socks are mostly made of cotton or nylon.

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