Winter socks can be worn like this!


In winter, girls worry about what clothes to wear, and […]

In winter, girls worry about what clothes to wear, and what color and style of socks on their feet are also very sad. If socks are not well worn, it is easy to be criticized by others. Today, I will send out a practical sock dressing post to tell girls how to choose suitable socks for themselves. Let's have a look!

Generally more lively personality, like simple girls can try color socks, wearing white light color clothing, with a pair of dark cotton socks, will make people have a bright feeling.

Girls who want their legs to look thinner can try the long tube Baseball Socks. Black Baseball Socks can shape the legs well. With the playful pleated skirt, they have the flavor of Japanese girls.

Girls who love sports style can also choose dark socks with sports shoes and loose wide legged pants, which makes them feel free and easy to get along with.Canvas shoes with long tube cotton socks and radish pants will have a kind of forest girlish style, more personality, some self. Girls who want to highlight their own charm can also work on shoes. Plain socks + hand painted canvas shoes are a good match.

Dang Dang Dang! The last pair of socks is not particularly cute, rainbow color with two ball suffixes, just look at the socks to know that I must be a good girl paper! Give people a first impression, absolutely super! If you like lovely wind girl paper, quickly start a pair of it! It's definitely one of the highlights!