Winter tips: how to choose good socks for foot care in winter

Summary:Feet are the key protection objects of women. So for the health of women's feet, choosing good quality socks is crucial....

Feet are the key protection objects of women. So for the health of women's feet, choosing good quality socks is crucial. But, are the socks you usually buy correct? In fact, women need to know a lot about choosing socks in winter. The wrong choice of socks for women will affect their health. So today, I will teach you how to choose the right socks.

It's the time when all kinds of socks come on stage again. Young girls like socks with colorful, changeable patterns and cute patterns. It seems that even their feet will become cute! However, it is most important that socks can keep out the cold, especially for women who are prone to cold hands and feet, not only a pair of good warm shoes, but also a pair of good cold-resistant and durable socks are also very important!

Three situations show that the socks have to be changed

   If the socks you usually wear appear in the following three situations, then your socks should be eliminated. 1. If the socks lose their elasticity, they will increase the friction with the feet. When walking or exercising, they will not follow the feet. If they sweat, they will feel slippery and will be easily injured. 2. If your socks will become thinner and have holes. Of course, wearing socks for a long time will inevitably become thinner, which will also cause heel injuries or blistering. 3. When you feel uncomfortable after putting on the socks, if your feet have tightness, itching, or obvious strangulation, it means that the socks you choose are not suitable. These three aspects need everyone's attention.

Cotton socks are the best choice in winter

   Everyone knows that wool is the most suitable for keeping warm. Cardigans and wool quilts are indispensable home warm items in winter. Are socks and wool the best? The answer is no. Although wool has good thermal insulation properties, it does not absorb sweat well. It is not only easy to breed bacteria, but may also cause blisters.

   What I like most about my feet is a dry and warm environment, so the pure cotton texture that keeps warm and absorbs sweat has always been the best choice for socks. Especially combed cotton with longer fibers and less impurities has better warmth retention than ordinary cotton.

  When choosing socks, pay attention to the distinction. Man-made fibers will feel slippery, while cotton will be relatively rough. Open the socks and observe the surface. There are no brown dots or less, which is combed cotton. Generally, cotton socks will be added with acrylic in an appropriate amount to increase the elasticity of the socks. Socks with more cotton and less acrylic will have a soft hand feel, good moisture absorption, and will be more comfortable to wear.

Pay attention to a few guidelines when buying socks:

  The socks should fit well. The tightness of the socks and the sock should be appropriate, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the heel of the socks should be large, the surface of the socks should be smooth, the lugs should be flat without skew, and the stitch structure should be clear. When wearing, if your feet feel tight, itchy, or have obvious strangulation, it means that the socks are not suitable.

  Pay attention to fiber density. It is best not to buy too loose, extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet. A pair of socks for a few dollars on the street looks fine, but in terms of fiber density, it is inevitable that they do not meet the standard.

   Don't be too fancy colors. The color of the socks should be as consistent with the shoes as possible, and avoid staining with the shoes. Light-colored socks should be preferred. The brighter the color, the more chemical ingredients are added to it.

   I need to change it after wearing it for a long time. Wearing socks for a long time will inevitably become thinner or even break, which can cause heel injuries or blistering. Even if you don’t wear them badly, the socks will lose their elasticity after a long time, increase the friction with your feet, and your feet will feel slippery when you sweat, which can easily lead to injuries.