Autumn is coming. What do you wear on your feet?


We say, to describe a person who is really exquisite, t […]

We say, to describe a person who is really exquisite, that is, from head to toe. This is not a routine. In the pursuit of all kinds of small details of the fashion circle, if you want to be a real talent, then even socks must keep up with the trend of fashion. What, what's your impression of socks, or is it that you can buy several pairs of socks in one place? Then you really can't keep up with the trend.

In fact, we are paying attention to tops and bottoms. The collocation of various single items is to consider the overall modeling feeling. And this kind of modeling feeling is not just to say, but to really implement every detail. This kind of piece of clothing actually limits one's creativity. However, a variety of socks can be left to your full play.

When there are no highlights or layers in the whole body, this small, seemingly inconspicuous piece can make the whole body look very brilliant. Don't believe it. Today we'll talk about socks from the beginning to the end.

1. The story of socks

In fact, today we have evolved into the most daily items of socks, with a long history of development process. It first appeared in ancient Egypt, but the original shape is not the socks we usually wear on our feet today, but various knitted fabrics and leather leg bands similar articles.

Strictly speaking, it can only be regarded as the predecessor of socks. It was very popular in the army at that time, and it appeared as a decoration for men. At that time, women used all kinds of delicate shoes to decorate their feet.

In the early 16th century, William Lee, a seminary student in England, invented a machine that could make Socks by hand.The invention of this kind of machine greatly improved the efficiency of making socks purely by manpower at that time. It improved the output and quality at the same time, and was widely welcomed by people. This time socks are really popular in the society, and step by step, they become indispensable articles in daily life.In the development of materials, socks have also gone through a relatively long process of exploration. At first, socks were made of soft but expensive silk. Although this material is very comfortable to wear, but the cost is very high, only a few nobles can enjoy such consumption.

In order to make socks more universal, so that the public can use them, sock factories began to actively look for alternative raw materials. As an alternative raw material for silk weaving, blended yarn greatly reduces the production cost of socks and makes the production of this industry a great success. Later, today's well-known material such as nylon socks, also gradually appeared, into the lives of ordinary people.

2. Show time for socks

To say that socks really become the representative of fashion items, or through the show certification. In fact, in the initial fashion circle, people's enthusiasm for socks was not high, and even thought it was a troublesome thing that hindered the high-level sense of whole body modeling. People have to wear shoes to show the hem of socks as ugly.However, in the 21st century, the show culture began to prevail, and greatly affected people's aesthetic orientation. In the show, designers are using socks to add more different feeling to their works.This trend also slowly into the public life. Under the leadership of fashion trendsetters, a large army of sock enthusiasts headed by young men and women has gradually grown.

3. The style of socks

When it comes to the style of socks, it's a real category. The most common is solid color, and it is also the best match. The pure and simple color is very suitable for matching with other pieces on the body to become a color contrast or to do the echo of the same color system. It is not easy to make mistakes.

Embroidery element is also one of several popular elements this year. Socks decorated with embroidery elements have a sense of design. It seems that there is no force, but it is hidden in the ankle to show such an embroidery pattern. It can be said that it is the exquisite master himself.

In addition, there are a variety of diamond and printed socks, the pattern elements of these socks are more jump off, with skirt and hippie style clothing style. Although it is not a good driving type, but if you try boldly, you will find many different surprises.

4. Material of socks

Now the most common sock material is pure cotton. Pure cotton has the characteristics of sweat absorption and comfort, and also has certain advantages in price. In addition to cotton, there are knitted socks. This kind of socks has a strong sense of texture, so it has a unique style with different shapes. In comfort is not inferior to cotton socks too much.

Yarn and silk socks are also listed on the list. Although there are not as many opportunities for daily use as cotton and knitting, there are also times when they can't be absent. When matching with skirt or some high-heeled shoes, they can be used in a big way, which can be said to be a necessary piece for delicate girls.

5. Matching of socks

When it comes to the matching of socks and shoes, sports shoes are the first to bear the brunt. Sports shoes because of the functional characteristics, so from the practical point of view, socks with it is essential to match. In addition to protecting the skin of the foot during sports, colorful socks can also add color to the whole body sports dress up.

If your sports suit is a colorful color, then even socks can be active, through bright colors to attract people's attention. As a small piece, it can't be considered to be able to grab the limelight, but it provides a fine sense of detail for the overall collocation.If the sports wind equipment is high-level simple black and white gray and other colors, the color matching of the whole body is a bit monotonous. At this time, the emergence of socks can also save this kind of boredom. In the absence of highlights in the overall collocation, the emergence of a pair of socks can turn decadent into magic, making you become a trendy person in seconds.

In addition to sports shoes, boots and socks are also popular in recent years. To say that boots, this kind of shoe style, is able to highlight the lines of the ankle.If a person's ankle is slender, then the overall visual perception will be improved several times. Good sock style, also has the modification function. For example, a pair of line style socks, with short boots, can create a delicate and delicate look.

After finishing these two kinds of shoes, the high-heeled shoes that can best reflect the temperament in our life can not be left behind. At the beginning, in order to dress in a standard and simple way, high-heeled shoes are often paired with silk stockings. However, with the continuous development of the trend today, with some unique design socks in high-heeled shoes, also become a bold avant-garde choice.In daily life, according to the different travel requirements and shoes selection, socks matching methods are also different, which can not help adding more fun to the process of matching modeling every day.

You see, as long as it has artistic sense, even socks can become the most fashionable piece when matching. I believe that walking in the front of fashion, you can't do without the blessing of all kinds of socks in collocation. So, what are your most proud socks like?