Wholesale high quality winter soft cozy thick warm knitted womens wool socks

Wholesale high quality winter soft cozy thick warm knitted womens wool socks






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Breathable Hand Linking toe Wear resistant Not easy to play Keep warm

Product Details

Wool socks:

The wool is naturally curled, has good warmth retention, very good stretchability and elastic recovery, and is very durable. Wool is very hydrophilic, not easy to wrinkle, and comfortable to wear. Not easy to dirty, easy to clean.

Imitation hand linking:

A seaming method between the hand seam and the machine seam, the seam is relatively thin, the cost is lower than hand linking, and the effect is close to the hand seam.

Compression cuff:

Prevent varicose veins, relieve leg fatigue, Fit with the calf to prevent the socks falling down.


Suitable for winter, keep your feet warm, keep your winter from cold, warm from your feet to your heart.


Makes the socks softer and more delicate.

Haining Wanshida Hosiery Co.,Ltd, Established in 1994, covers a building area of more than 10,000 square meters and owns over 200 employees. We have several decades of experiences in producing various socks and stocking. Provide wholesale Wholesale high quality winter soft cozy thick warm knitted womens wool socks

More than 100 computerized hosiery machine and more than 20 auxiliary equipment are imported to mainly produce all kinds of men’s , women’s and children’s socks as well as pantyhose made of combed cotton, mercerized cotton, bamboo fiber, modal, organic cotton, wool yarn, superfine nylon.

As Wholesale high quality winter soft cozy thick warm knitted womens wool socks suppliers, Annual production capacity reach over 15 million pairs of socks,60% are exported to overseas markets including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and so on.

Investment is made to bring in advanced design system and after-treatment equipment. We make annual investment in R&D of new products, and integrate fashionable element into our design philosophy combined with international fashion trends so as to ensure high quality of our products, meet the consumption trends of sock markets at home and abroad.

While engaging in production and business operation activities, we insists on people-oriented principle for employees, attaches importance to construction of corporate culture and improves enterprise management for jointly creating bright future.


Our production meets the high standards of recognised sock industry certificates.


We have 120+ socks knitting machines, 180+ professional workers help your order of socks.


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