What socks do girls wear with small leather shoes?

Summary:The easiest way to wear small leather shoes in winter is to match a pair of pantyhose, which is versatile and fashionabl...

The easiest way to wear small leather shoes in winter is to match a pair of pantyhose, which is versatile and fashionable. I believe that many friends have a black pantyhose in their wardrobe. In addition, you can also match tube socks or pile socks, wearing a light-legged artifact inside, instantly enhance the girly sense; in addition to this, you can also match lace socks or ordinary socks, and choose the color as much as possible. More matching colors.

Small leather shoes can be matched with knee-length socks, pile socks, lace socks, shallow socks, etc. They are all very good-looking. The clothes can be matched with different styles of skirts according to different socks, or they can be worn with pants.
1. Knee-length socks
Some students’ uniforms are usually matched with a pair of knee-length socks. The socks are not only good-looking, but also to keep warm. Use small leather shoes with a pair of knee-length socks, and then pair it with a skirt, which is particularly academic and very age-reducing.
2. Pile of socks
This material and style of pile socks has been very popular in the past two years. The length of pile socks is about the position of the calf. Wearing pile socks and matching a pair of small leather shoes, the style is very cute. You can wear it with jeans or skirts outside, changing between cute and casual styles at will.
3. Lace socks
Lace socks and small leather shoes are very suitable for soft girls, and they look cute and cute. The exposed lace is very beautiful, and then wear a lace tutu.
4. Shallow mouth socks
If you like simple matching styles and rarely wear skirts, you can match a pair of shallow socks in small leather shoes. The purpose is to prevent your feet from sliding in leather shoes due to sweating, which is more comfortable than bare feet. Wear a pair of jeans or straight-leg pants for a more handsome style.